December 5th, 2018

Spa Service | Relaxation Massage

Spa Services

No doubt you’ll need a massage at some point throughout the holiday prep season.At this time of year, our Registered Massage Therapists are super busy with folks using up their health benefits. But never fret, a relaxation massage with an esthetician is definitely worth the out-of-pocket cost. Unlike an RMT massage that can target specific muscle issues and even hurt a little as the therapists do their work, a relaxation massage with an Esthetician will just make you feel good – plain and simple! It is the perfect way to unwind during times of stress and busy-ness. Misconstrued as a “gentle” massage; you can still get plenty of pressure during a relaxation massage, but the relaxing flow of movement and soothing techniques will have you drifting off and dreaming of sugar plums before you know it. Aahhh….

Sneak in for a 30, 45 or 60-minute massage. Our massages come with a complimentary ritual footbath soak and a few other little extras to make you feel special.