March 6th, 2017

Spa Service | SeaRitual Detoxifying Cocoon

Spa Services

As a substitute or supplement to a nutritional detox, let us help you eliminate unhealthy toxins and replenish healthy minerals to your skin! The Cocoon is an 80-minute spa treatment that begins with a soak in Dead Sea Salts, treating your body to an ideal supply of minerals and trace elements, scientifically proven to reduce fatigue. Next, the body is coated with a deep cleansing serum and wrapped in black dead sea mud during which you will literally sweat out toxins. Finally, after a refreshing shower, you will be massaged with Phytomer’s Oléocrème Body Milk – infused with hydrating and lipid-replenishing ingredients. Like a facial for your body, the Detoxifying Cocoon will bring vitality to your cells and mineralize your skin while leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and deeply hydrated – head to toe!

The Cocoon is also available as a remineralizing or firming treatment and is especially fun to enjoy with a friend or loved one.