October 30th, 2017

Spa Service | Relaxation Massage

Spa Services

If you’ve never had a relaxation massage, you’re missing one of the simple pleasures of life. Even if you are a die hard registered massage therapy fan, you would be surprised at the bliss of a relaxation massage. Unlike registered massage, a relaxation massage is performed by an esthetician. It is not about deep muscle acupressure, but about an overall feeling of soothing and nurturing. Our estheticians can provide light to moderate pressure and are trained in different techniques that will leave you feeling like a nice bowl of jello. Like all massage at The Waters, you have a choice of 4 different aromatherapy oils and all you will enjoy all of the other “little extras” that come along without our body treatments, starting with the complimentary footbath. When was the last time you soaked your feet in a basin with floating rose petals? But the best thing about a relaxation massage? You do not have to book weeks in advance. We have over 10 estheticians trained and ready to treat you to a relaxing experience unlike any other.