October 30th, 2017

Spa Trend | Beauti-FULL Brows

Spa Trends

If you’ve asked any teenage girl what is the most important beauty statement today, she will tell you it’s eyebrows. Thick, lush, long and defined brows are the only “must have” make-up trend. Sadly, as we age, our brows thin and fade to grey. The 3 keys to bodacious brows are: shape, definition, colour. Shape involves arch, length and fullness. Definition includes ridding yourself of stray hairs and having clean perimeter lines to the brows. With colour, it is important that your brow colour compliments your skin tone and looks natural with your hair colour. At The Waters, we can tint and wax your natural brows to a beautiful shape and colour. If you need more volume, we have the Youngblood Brow Artiste kit that holds all of the tools needed for perfectly shaped and groomed arches. It comes in 3 colour palettes: Blonde, Brunette and Dark. One of our estheticians can teach you how to be a brow artiste and stay beautifully and youthfully on trend!