April 3rd, 2017

Spa Trend | Sleep is Good!

Spa Trends

If you are receiving this newsletter, you probably already have your own reasons for a visit to the spa – primping, hair removal, easing muscle tension, visiting with friends or having a special date night. If you have ever had therapeutic or relaxation massage at the spa, you also know that inducing sleep is one of the main benefits of spending time at the spa. A spa visit reduces the feelings of stress, therefore promoting better sleep. In fact, our expert estheticians and registered massage therapists are so good at inducing relaxation, that many of our guests fall asleep during a massage!  We also suggest taking some time afterwards to “recoup and refresh” and drink lots of water.  If only we could get a massage every night right before bed!

Why are we at The Waters so focused on sleep this month? Well, our new Seasonal Treatment (for manicures, pedicures, body treatments and massage oil) is called Dream. With the combination of cotton and primrose, Dream is a fresh and soothing scent that induces rest and relaxation.

Experts at the Canadian Sleep Society cite stress and anxiety as two of the leading causes of sleep problems. So here are the ways that we help to bring on that much deserved rest! Just about any of our spa treatments (Brazilian waxing aside) help to melt away your worries, but here are the treatments that will really get the sheep jumping over the fence. Relaxation massage – this is massage that is relaxing in nature, rather than a deep tissue, muscle targeting massage. Both ease tension, but a true relaxation massage (by an Esthetician or a Registered Massage Therapist) really works wonders.

Facials also induce relaxation – maybe even better than a body massage. Spa facials always include a face massage. Just like smiling tricks the brain into feeling happy, releasing tension between the brows and in other facial muscles sends the brain the signal that you are relaxed and free of stress. Plus there are 43 muscles in your face, so that face massage feels delightful. Facials also typically include a foot massage. That’s my cue to nod off every time!

Combination spa packages, that combine multiple relaxing treatments together, give you that extra time really deepen your sense of restfulness and peace of mind. Our Spa Service suggestion this month is the Wrap & Nap treatment combining a body treatment and a facial. Read more  We dare you to stay awake!

Sleeping is trending. Go get yourself some!