March 6th, 2017

Spa Trend | Detoxify!

Spa Trends

These days, we are in constant contact with toxins and pollutants. From artificial food  ingredients, pesticides and metals in the foods we eat to pollutants in the air we breathe and electromagnetic waves from our technology, we cannot move through life without encountering natural and man-made toxins. These build up in our bodies over time and can lead to lower vitality (at the very least) or disease at the worst. To maintain optimal health, it has become ever more important to detoxify the body. Below, find 3 ways to detoxify your body and bounce into Spring!

  1. Nutritional Detox. For many people, a “detox” involves abstaining from certain foods and moving to a more natural, whole foods, sometimes a raw food diet. People report feeling an energy boost and enhanced mental alertness after a nutritional detox program. There are detox groups you can join in the area so that you have accountability and companionship during your detox period. Or, if you want to turn your nutritional detox into a complete experience, there are a number of destination spas worldwide that provide detox and fitness programs in addition to luxurious spa services.

    Even if a nutritional detox is not for you, try to find ways to minimize known aggressors such as alcohol, salt and sugar, or try to take a month off consumption. This will give your body a chance to catch up and release other toxins that may have built up over time.

    The easiest way to maintain a daily detox is to drink lots of water. It’s straightforward: the more water you drink, the more you will urinate, flushing out toxins. Take a note from spas and add citrus slices, cucumber, berries or mint to your water.


  1. Skin Detox. Try a luxurious full body, skin detoxifying and remineralizing spa treatment…and you don’t need to travel the world to find it! At The Waters – An Urban Spa Retreat we offer the SeaRitual Detoxifying Body Cocoon or the Dead Sea Deep Cleanse. Let us help you eliminate toxins and replenish healthy minerals. A skin detox is especially beneficial at the change of the seasons or after a big vacation where you may have been slightly over-indulgent. Both of our detoxifying body treatments include a bath soak, scrub, mud wrap and lotion massage. Read more about the SeaRitual Detoxifying Body Cocoon in the Spa Service section under “Spa Tips.”

    Salt has become a major detox trend in spas (and elsewhere) lately, but beware the lack of science behind many of the claims. For you to garnish positive health benefits from salt, it needs to be dissolved in humid air or water and therefore travel freely into your system. If you can’t get to an ocean beach regularly, try a salt-infused bath. Dead Sea or other sea salts are mostly Sodium Chloride but also contain a multitude of trace minerals great for replenishing our skin and body. If you don’t have sea salts handy, take a detoxifying and remineralizing bath with Epsom salts – easy and inexpensive and available in drug and grocery stores. (We get our spa footbath Epsom salts in bulk from the fine folks at Ayre’s Baking Supply on Regina Street). Epsom salts are, in truth, Magnesium Sulphate (many of us are low in magnesium) which can aid with inflammation, bruises, sore muscles, and more. Let’s be frank though, the detoxifying part of this bath comes from the warm water – you will sweat, thereby releasing toxins from your body. Whether it’s at the gym, in a sauna or in a hot bath, sweating is the easiest mode of detox – and it’s free!

    P.S. Ladies, at The Waters, we have an infrared sauna that is complimentary when you are visiting us for another treatment. Just let us know, and we will happily prepare it for you.


  1. Cell Phone Detox. At The Waters, we encourage guests to turn off their phones while in the spa. For some, this might be the only period of the day (other than bedtime) when they are not actively checking their phones and thus being surrounded by excess positive ions that can generate anxiety and stress. Think about the future physiotherapy visits for thumbs, necks and shoulders with such constant phone use, not to mention optometrist appointments for tired and bloodshot eyes that are constantly engaged with the bright lights of a screen at close range. Even if you are not visiting the spa, it is a good idea to set your phone aside for at least a couple of hours each day. I know it’s hard, but fight the impulse to just take a little check!

    It’s good practice to do a simple daily detox including lots of water and a little sweating, take a trip to the spa for a more luxurious and relaxing detox or simply have a bath while leaving your phone safely in another room. No matter the method, detox can be as easy as 1. 2. 3!